The Year of the Monkey – Will it Offer Stars in Your Eyes?

We’re about to enter 2016 and I suppose everyone is wondering what this year is going to cough up. Many look to the horoscopes to get an idea. According to the Chinese horoscopes they tell us we are going into the Year of the Monkey, which kicks off on Feb 8, 2016. It looks as though the year is going to be a lively one and that anyone looking to start their own business could do well to start it in 2016.

Globally, we are expected to see quite a bit of global economic growth. It is a good idea for everyone to take up any courses that can enhance your life and more so that business that you should be starting! An exciting aspect of 2016 is that the Year of the Monkey is advising us to break free and actually take some calculated risks! This is especially true for roosters and horses as the year looks to be pretty exciting for them.
astrology science - is it real?

The Year of the Monkey 2016 is a good year to break free and take calculated risks. This sounds somewhat risky though, as the Chinese Horoscope warns that 2016 could be a difficult year for people who fall under the Tiger, Dog, Boar and snake signs. Sheep should be specially attentive around their health and rabbits should handle their finances with great care.

The Year of the Monkey – Will it Offer Stars in Your Eyes?

Are horoscopes actually accurate?

Astrology is one of those things that people do intensely believe in (even I believe in them sometimes- when I read Sun Signs by Linda Goodman, I was just frightened by how scarily accurate some of those descriptions were, and that certainly surprised me). But how accurate are horoscopes? Do the stars actually guide our lives? Does Mercury being in retrograde actually mean that all our dreams are going to fail?

From a scientific point of view, this does seem a little random. The best explanation I’ve ever heard is that this whole thing has to do with atoms and their energies. After all, all matter is connected, as we were all together during the creation of the universe. We all share these energies- but these energies differ, because of the slight difference in the matter in all of us. And it’s this energy that horoscopes are predicting.

I have come to realize something- no matter how illogical horoscopes do sound, sometimes, they are true (after all, we cannot explain exactly why a lot more people suicide during a full moon). While I do not read horoscopes on a daily basis and alter my mood according to the same, I do read my monthly and yearly horoscopes, because they help me make up my mind. I think of it as a solution given to me by the universe.

Moreover, if I am going through a big problem and want a solution, I head out and get a personalized birth chart made for myself- and I find them far more accurate.

Personalized Birth Charts

Are horoscopes actually accurate?

Is Astrology Science?

Reading the predictions about our sun signs in the morning paper is very common. Some of us even believe it, and go about our work according to horoscopes. Science has summarily rejected the correctness of astrology, but some people are of a different view.


The idea behind astrology is the effect of stars and other bodies in the universe having an effect on a person’s life. Well they have an effect but what is the effect , cannot predicted even by science. In many countries still people believe that wearing a particular color clothing on a day will improve their luck. It is really amazing how many people believe this.


Reasons behind this belief are:

  • Exciting – If you know your future you can change it. Doesn’t it look exciting? Yes that is one of the reasons for the popularity and belief in Astrology. We like to take control and what is better than knowing what is going to happen in future.
  • Unexplained Phenomenon – In spite of science making exponential progress in the last hundred years, it still cannot explain many forces of nature. Yes science can predict rains, but cannot predict how long it will last. Also science has not been able to fully explain death, the enigma which has been confusing generations. Yes DNA has been decoded but life has not.
  • Some predictions has been accurate – Some of the predictions of astrology has been correct to the point. It might be luck , but it has led to increase in number of believers.

However, the truth is that astrology is not based on facts and is good for entertainment value but not for making decisions.

Is Astrology Science?