Horoscopes and the bible


Horoscopes and the Bible have a very real connection. In fact, the Holy Bible expressly forbids acts based on Horoscope. To know this truth about horoscopes and the Bible, we need to understand what a horoscope is. A horoscope relies on the assumption that heavenly bodies like stars and planets influence our lives. The calculation involving the position of stars and planets during the birth of an individual is used to predict his/her future. The horoscope is a fascinating column in every magazine and newspaper, and everyone reads it. However, not many people follow astrology in the modern world. Is following astrology a sin? Well, that is a debatable question, though the Bible says that one should depend on God only as a guiding force. Horoscopes do not agree with this and in a way are opposed to the Bible’s teachings. Hence true Christians do not believe in horoscope, though they might read it as an interesting article. So although there is a connection between the Bible and horoscopes, it is not a connection that reinforces either belief.

Horoscopes and the bible

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