Numerology Predictions: Some Useful Information

Numerology predictions a way to predict future

Very recently I read a bit about numerology predictions and how numbers affect us. The numerology predictions had me intrigued as they seemed more accurate than normal horoscopes. So, here is a little introduction about numerology which might stimulate some interest. The first thing to know is the Sun number. It is the sum of your birth date and the birth month. Say for example you were born on 15th of November, then 15 + 11 adds up to 26. Now add up the individual digits to get a one digit number 2 + 6 = 8. This is the Sun number. Now some general Numerology predictions 2016. The year is 2016 which adds up to nine, and hence, the number allotted to the year is nine. Nine is the last single digit number and this year will be about completing leftover things. The year is not so great for starting new projects. I find the subject fascinating and hope to share more in the coming months, predictions and the methodology.

Numerology Predictions: Some Useful Information

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