Birthday horoscope and concept of future

Birthday horoscope
A Birthday horoscope tells us that the future is connected to the day you are born, but that is not all. There are many other factors to be considered, but the starting point is the birthday and time of birth. I was wondering how birthday is used to forecast the future in a birthday horoscope. I have read many astrology books and also searched online but every time I found the information was either very general or not conforming to what is happening. I was taking myself into consideration while trying to get the answer to this question. I came across many interesting articles which talk about how the future is affected by the heavenly bodies like sun, moon and stars. I have talked in other posts about the horoscopes being unscientific and why we should not believe them but my research was inconclusive. The heavenly bodies do affect us by their gravitation at least and there is some basis behind the thinking. So the time of birth also has a major impact on the foretelling of future. In fact in some countries individual horoscopes made when the child is born foretell the future of the child. And believe it or not they are sometimes quite accurate. So just dismissing this ancient technique of foretelling future is not right, I need more information – anyone out there care to share their thoughts or give info on this?

Birthday horoscope and concept of future

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