5 Reasons to stop believing in Horoscopes

Every morning newspaper is laden with horoscope. It is an interesting read, but do you believe in it? Most of the people get awed by something right happening in their life as predicted by horoscope. Come on that is just chance and people making living out of it are too clever for you.

Horoscope believe or not?
Stop believing on Horoscopes

There are many indications which we ignore while we believe in crazy horoscopes. Here are a few reasons to believe in your knowledge and not horoscope.

  • Pay attention to the origin – Just research how the horoscopes started. It is not scientific and based on stars which are themselves history at present. Remember the stars that we see today are not what they actually are. It is the past.
  • Position of stars – The very things the horoscopes are based on have changed a lot. Since the inception there has been little change in the concepts while the basis of the concept has seen a sea of change.
  • Sun is just a ball of fire – The chemical reaction of fusion gives sun its energy. It affects us but not in any way as the horoscope says.
  • Horoscopes are general – How can one paragraph predict about a million people. Just use your brains, and when you observe carefully the texts are just general predictions. You can also make predictions which are similar and will be more accurate for you.
  • Personality types are fictitious – The personality traits that are listed in a horoscope are all fiction and no facts. Even they have borrowed from Psychology. So why not depend on Science for the predictions.


5 Reasons to stop believing in Horoscopes

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